Performing With Children

November 2021, Northleach, GLoucestershire

This concert in Northleach Church was given by Orchestra Pro Anima in association with Water City Music.

It included a 45 minute first half that was accessible to all: Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach. 60 children from five schools then took part after the interval, singing three songs they had been learning since the beginning of term in school. The concert finished with three short pieces from OPA.

Michael Bochmann visited each of the schools in turn in the run up to the concert to hear the songs and establish personal connection. The teaching was further enhanced by sessions with their peripatetic music teacher.

One parent received a free ticket for each family. 55 Parents attended. First class support from the local Northleach Primary School meant that the children were extremely well behaved and sang their hearts out with singing of a high standard.